Kelbim - Homonculus

General Features

Our project is based on Lineage 2 Homonculus Part 2. We created it to provide a world where game experience and entertainment matters more than money and profit.

100 EXP/SP
75 Adena amount
5 Drop
5 Spoil
5 Raid
1 Epic
Auto-Hunting system, and Macros-Loop available.
Donate has very low impact
Dual Box policy: unlimited per ip.
1-100 Leveling quests are faster
Monsters from 28 levels and more from character’s level won’t give ITEMS.
Homonculus procotol 286 version
God jewelry from korean version totally removed from the game
Dragon Weapons totally removed from the game

General server modifications

  • Pay to win items are removed from the shop - added in custom drop zones
  • We simplified the game for a better experience
  • All instances can be entered with 2 players
  • Game convenience: players have auto-buffs

Added community board that will provide every player a basic set of buffs for 1 Hour and that contains shops, teleports to farm areas and towns.

The basic set of buffs consists in:
  • Horn Melody
  • Drum Melody
  • Pipe Organ
  • Guitar Melody
  • Sonatas
  • Harmonies

Raid Bosses

Arguably, Raid Bosses are the most fun content of the game. Because of this, we take it very seriously to keep them as fun and fair as they possibly can. Changing their respawn times to fit every possible timezone but at the same time don't keep you camping its spawn for 9 hours. The loots were increased because we don't like NCSoft policy to lower every loots in the game to make you cash more.

General raids

  • All Raid bosses give you Raid points that you can exchange for useful items on Community Board
  • Raid bosses award you with 1 Raid Points each kill
  • Normal Raid bosses will have their respawn time retail like (22 Hours)

Epic Raids

  • Epics Raid bosses level is set according to the level cap of the episode, meaning you can always farm them

Epics Respawn time will be lowered, and the random window has been reduced to 4 Hours

Epic Fixed Respawn Random Window
Queen Ant 19 Hours 4 Hours
Orfen 29 Hours 4 Hours
Core 36 Hours 4 Hours
Zaken 48 Hours 4 Hours
Baium 118 Hours 4 Hours
Valakas 118 Hours 4 Hours
Antharas 118 Hours 4 Hours
Beleth 118 Hours 4 Hours
Kelbim 118 Hours 4 Hours
Trasken 118 Hours 4 Hours
Lindvior 118 Hours 4 Hours
Ramona 118 Hours 4 Hours
Etis Van Etina 60 Hours 4 Hours
Fafurion 118 Hours 4 Hours

General Features

  • Crafting is available to every class up to R99 - Maestros can craft R110
  • Adaptative quest item drop rates (x1/x7/x10)
  • You can find a complete server guide in discord
  • You can find a complete drop info in discord
  • Offline sell & buffstore available

Time-limited areas are reworked as:

    Abandoned Coal Mines:

  • Newbie Coins for Newbie Shop
  • Storm Isle:

  • Adenas and zodiacs
  • Imperial Tomb:

  • Adenas and items related to enchanting, dragon coins, augment stones
  • Primeval Isle:

  • Adenas, items related to circlets, shirts, bracelets
  • Golden Altar:

  • Adenas, Dragon Coins