Kelbim - Homonculus

Rules of Kelbim Projet

1. Staff Members

1.1. Disrespectful attitude towards Staff Members is forbidden;
Punishment: High - ranging from temporary ban to permanent ban on the user's machine.
Staff members include all Administrators (Admins) and Game Masters (GMs).
These rules also apply outside of the game (forums, e-mails etc)

2. Third party software and account sharing

2.1. Using a program that allows for automated gameplay, such as a bot, is strictly forbidden.> Bot block rules: - account ban.
2.2. You are responsible for sharing your account;
There is no punishment, but GMs are not required to assist you in recovering stolen goods in case of account sharing fraud.
Sharing this information is the most common cause of account and item theft.
Our databases are very secure, firewalled, and patched with the latest exploit fixes.
All passwords in our account database are encrypted as well for added security.
Every single case of so called account being hacked came from individuals who share their accounts with family, real life friends, and girlfriend/boyfriends.
Other occurrences are due to some sort of fallout in a personal relationship with a friend in real life, or a online friend!
Sometimes malicious users will befriend other players with the motive to eventually gain their trust to steal items.
Regardless of the reason someone might decide to give their info to someone, just remember that we warned about it, and if something comes up missing, it could have been prevented by following these simple guidelines.
It is absolutely essential to keep account information to yourself!

3. Bugs and exploits

3.1. Active exploitation of broken or unintended game mechanics (i.e. bugs, glitches) is not tolerated. Punishment: Medium
3.2. It is forbidden to share information about an exploit with anyone except the staff; Punishment: Medium

4. Chatting and names

4.1. Actively engaging in slander, racism, real life threats, insults or highly disruptive behavior in the in-game chat is against the rules; Punishment: Slight - varies from a warning to chat or in-game bans depending on persistence and gravity.
4.2. It is forbidden to impersonate a staff member in any way; Punishment: Severe
4.3. Indecent or offensive names are forbidden; Punishment: Medium - character will be isolated in GM ROOM until name is changed
The list of violations and the duration of the chat lock
4.4. Administration abuse (all chats, without exclusion). Punishment: 300 minutes chat block.
4.5. Wrangling and challenging actions of the Administration (all chats, without exclusion). Punishment: 300 minutes chat block.
4.6. Counter-advertising server. Punishment: 1000 minutes chat block.
4.7. Advertising other servers (all chats, without exclusion). Punishment: 1000 minutes chat block.
4.8. Abuse, veiled abuse, abuse in Hero chat. Punishment: 120 minutes chat block.
4.9. Repeated abuse, insults abuse. Punishment: 60 minutes chat block.
4.10. Direct or indirect abuse to the parents, relatives, any public chat. Exception: privat chat. Punishment: 120 minutes chat block. On the second occasion - 300 minutes.
4.11. Inciting ethnic hatred. Insult along national lines, any public chat. Punishment: 60 minutes chat block.
4.12. Discussion of "bugs", "bots", including similar situations and same meaning in any public chat. Punishment: 60 minutes chat block.
4.13. Calls for leaving or messages of leaving from server in any chat. Punishment: 1000 minutes chat block.
4.14. Real money trade (all chat rooms, no exceptions). Punishment: 9999 minutes chat block, with account block.
4.15. Real money trade (offer of buying/selling/trading/account sharing) (all chat rooms, no exceptions). Punishment: 9999 minutes chat block, with account block.
4.16. Spam bot - Repeated text messages using third-party software (all chat rooms, no exceptions). Punishment: 1000 minutes chat block. With 3x abuse - account block.
4.17. Administration and Support Services have the right at any time to block access to any account or block it without giving a reason. If believe that this account harms project.

5. Trading

5.1. It is forbidden to start an in-game shop right next to an important or often-accessed NPC, or to block pathways leading to them; Punishment: Slight
5.2. It is forbidden to sell your items or account for any type of real-world currency; Punishment: Severe

6. GM Events

6.1. It is forbidden to enter an event zone unless the event organizer invites you or the entrance is free; Punishment: Slight
6.2. Any unwanted intervention during an event is forbidden; Punishment: Slight

7. Lost or Stolen Items

7.1 GMs do not restore lost or dropped items. Stealing or scamming of any kind is a bannable offense at L2Kelbim. If planed to let someone borrow their items, before trading them screenshot of the conversation should be done. The screenshot must include details such as what item, and that the person receiving the item will return it when requested by the owner. If failed to include this information or to take a screenshot, and someone gets ripped off, there will be no GM intervention.

Shipping and Delivery policy

We're does not produce, sell or ship any tangible goods. The only items which We're may make available or sell to users are intangible products.

Refund Policy

Because we provide an intangible good there are no items that you can return for a refund. To effect any additional anti-money laundering or other checks to verify the identity of the transferee of the funds and the recipient of the funds may need to take place. Accordingly, in order to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering obligations. Contact us via support if you what to know more.
General. We hold the right to change/update the refund policy without prior notice. All refunds will be treated with the refund policy live on that date.